Classic Ray-Ban – The Aviator and Wayfarer Sunglasses

Ray-Ban was founded in 1937 by Bausch & Lomb after lieutenant John MacCready asked them to make a pair of sunglasses that would not only protect his eyes from the damaging effects of the sun but also look good. Today, they are the world’s best selling sunglasses.

Pilots in the United States Air Force began to wear the sunglasses and when General Douglas strode on to a beach in the Philippines in World War II wearing Ray-Ban, the sunglasses became a massive hit back home in the USA. Since then, Ray-Ban Sunglasses have been worn in hundreds of Hollywood films and remains a favorite among celebrities.

With great styling, comfort, quality and a clean cut design, Ray-Ban sunglasses are one of the most popular sunglasses on the globe. High-quality materials are one of the more prominent features of their eye-wear.

Classic Ray-Ban – the Wayfarer and the Avaitor

The two most imitated sunglasses in the globe are Ray-Bans – the Aviator and Wayfarer.

The name of the Aviator sunglasses arose because of the oblique teardrop shape of the lens. Naval aviators found that the oversized sunglasses would help to hide the white skin under their eyes caused by wearing goggles during flying. The bar across the nose also held a cigarette in place.

Aviators sunglasses are designed to cover the entire eye and to stop sunlight reaching the eyes from the side of the glasses.

In 1952, sunglass designer Raymond Stegeman invented the Wayfarer for Baush and Lomb. The first pair of eyewear to use plastic, it was a radical new look.

Like the Avaitors, the Wayfarer was originally marketed to be used by pilots. But as female celebrities such as Kim Novak and Marilyn Munroe began to photographed wearing the new eyewear, the glasses quickly became popular among women. Audrey Hepburn wore a pair in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, furthering the sunglasses popularity.

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DesignerOutletParndorf_Rayban_blaue Sonnenbrille
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Image by McArthurGlen Designer Outlets
Stylischer Sonnenschutz mit Blumenmuster: Blaue Sonnenbrille von Ray Ban aus dem Store von Sunglass Time. Jetzt im dem Designer Outlet Parndorf.

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Ray Ban Sunglasses- For The Style Icon in You

Style is important when it comes to the right pair of glasses. Regardless if you are shopping for sunglasses or prescription you want something that is going to fit you and your lifestyle. As you are looking over the collection of ray ban sunglasses you are going to see that style is happening here. There are colors and styles that you can pick from that will represent who you are and even a piece of your personality. If you are in need of prescription glasses you will see that ray ban eyeglasses can provide you that also.

In this line of designer glasses the aviator style and the wayfarer style seem to be some of the most popular styles. You are also going to find that ray ban sunglasses will offer you the choice of shaded or mirrored looks along with several color choices that fit just you. Regardless of whether you prefer metal frames or plastic you are going to see that both of these styles in ray ban eyeglasses are sleek and classy all at the same time. You also do not need to worry if you prefer rimless as this style has been created for you.

The exact Aviator eyeglasses style is probably the most popular sunglass designs, in any other case The most popular. Also the idea is probably the most long-lasting gradations style, as well as its recognition illustrates hardly any indicators with going out with style whenever before long. Ray-Ban aviator gradations employ a excellent little history emotionally involved with all of them.

We were looking at originally developed from the soon after portion of the 1930s as well as offered the idea of full ideas safety and also style. The design was born with the yellow metal plated entire body along with environmentally friendly lens, the beautiful classic Aviator style, and it promptly captured the imagination with genuine “aviators” the nation Affiliate marketer. Soon, Showmanship became the fellow member from the bandwagon, as well as the Aviator gradations quickly became enormous trend terms. Their unique recognition distribute around the world, specifically among the aviators as well as hereafter, law-enforcement personnel.

When you obtain a really low price for your favorite pair, the first question that arrives at your mind is should it be a fake. For anybody who is thinking this, you are on the right path because a surprisingly low price does are similar to trouble. You is usually purchasing a synthetic version Ray Ban all this will never claim to generally be an original not have the trademark logos anywhere over the pair.The trouble is with fake ones purchased at bargain prices designed to never hold as many as even light take advantage of. Since they are sold illegally, you will never be ready to claim a reclaim or return regarding these. So, how does one ensure you are buying a true Ray Ban?

You need to are purchasing from a well known online store which provides them in largest part. This would be in order they could sell them for low prices. Checking a few things on the site before choosing to buy from would have been a great help. Look over customer reviews, call up the customer provider number, look to your offered guarantee together with return policies – basically, read up most of the fine print in avoiding future disappointments.

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DOS Lookbook Frühjahr 2013
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Image by McArthurGlen Designer Outlets
Ray Ban Aviator Brille aus dem Shop von Sunglass Time. Zu haben im Designer Outlet Salzburg.

Fotocredit: Designer Outlet Salzburg – Abdruck honorarfrei

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How you can Spot Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses – 5 Easy steps

Nothing provides more satisfaction than investing in a branded accessory at reduced prices. And if the accessory you’re buying are the renowned Ray Ban sunglasses, then you’ve got even more reason to feel fired up. Why? Because you’re likely to own a glamorous set of shades which will ensure everlasting protection for the eyes. How? This is a result of the brand’s commitment in undertaking research to build up cutting-edge optical technologies within their glasses. As a outcome, Ray Ban sunglasses are today considered among the best when it comes in order to vision care.

But readers beware, you’re in for any scare… are you sure those Ray Bans that you have just bought authentic? A great bargain price does certainly not mean that the sunglasses would be the original branded stuff. Genuine Ray Bans cost something from $ 120 to $ 300 and when anyone is offering a person at significantly cheaper prices then your authenticity is highly doubtful. To avoid being tricked by swindlers who spread fake Ray Ban shades because originals, here are 5 simple steps that you ought to follow:

Step #1
What “Made in U. Utes. A” should be embossed inside arms of the shades. Depending on the type of frames, the words could be engraved or painted. Keep in mind, original Ray Ban sunglasses are stated in USA, never in The far east or Taiwan.

Navigate to the official Ray Ban website as well as compare the colors of the Ray Ban frames to those shown on the organization site. Original Ray Bans come within neutral metal tones and may be easily recognized while the frame colors of knockoffs will be a shade lighter than the actual authentic ones.

Step #3
Begin to see the Ray Ban logo on the nose bit of the frames? Take the pencil eraser and stroke it slowly over this. If they are phony the logo will progressively wear off else it’s going to stay put.

Step #4
The next thing is to check and feel the caliber of the sunglass frames. True Ray Bans are manufactured from high quality durable alloys and plastics, therefore they’re a tad heavier than fake versions that are crafted from cheap materials and metals. So be sure you don’t buy light pounds models.

Step #5
Last although not the least, look in the “RB” symbol at the bottom of the sunglasses structures. Now even if the actual paint is slightly put on off, authentic Ray Ban shades may have a raised lettering from the symbol. If you can scratch them off they are fakes for which indicates the screen publishing technique used.

When you are shopping around for your new pair of Ray Ban Sunglasses ensure that you look into dealers of replica shades. You can find some good deals this way not to mention wholesale sunglasses suppliers are another great way to purchase your sunglasses. makes shopping for designer glasses simple and easy. Just log onto this online store and explore the range of Ray Ban sunglasses available at incredible prices – Think of a style and you’ll find it here.

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ray-ban sunglass range, never hide payoff

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