5 km of the hypocentres at the time of the bombings and still

It includes a large proportion of the survivors who were within 2.5 km of the hypocentres at the time of the bombings and still resided in Hiroshima or Nagasaki in 1950, plus a random age and sex matched sample of people 2.5 to 10 km from the hypocentre who sustained small to negligible radiation doses.20 This study population was of all ages and both sexes at the time of the bombings.Individual doses have been carefully estimated using the recent improved DS02 dosimetry system, primarily on the basis of people’s location and shielding at the time of the atomic bomb.21 22 We estimated risks by using weighted colon doses in gray (Gy) for all analyses. We used weighted doses, the sum of the dose plus 10 times the smaller neutron dose, to allow for the greater biological effectiveness of neutrons.The follow up of vital status took place from 1 October 1950 to the end of 2003 and was based on the nationwide obligatory family registration system (koseki) that documents mortality and is virtually 100% complete. Causes of death came from the official vital statistics death schedules based on the death certificates.

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