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The Function of Divorce Lawyers during a Divorce Process

At times in your marriage life, you may want to end the marriage because of different reasons that may include constant conflicts or maybe you can’t really cope with your spouse. You and your spouse may visit different marriage therapists, but the visits may end up being unfruitful with continuous conflicts that may even lead to violence. It really reaches a point when you fall out of love and no matter how hard you try to solve things; the situation always ends up unresolved.

The only option that you remain with is to request for a divorce. In this divorce process, you will need to seek the services of divorce lawyers. Divorce lawyers are lawyers that deal with the problems that emerge when a married couple decides to end a marriage.

The first step that you must conduct is filing a petition for divorce. You or your spouse can choose to write a petition which will be taken to the other spouse. The divorce lawyer takes the role of putting writing down any grievance during the petition process. The main information that is contained in the written petition is your name and the name of your spouse, names of the children if you have any, and it confirms if there is any community property, child support or child custody.
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The second process involves the handing out of the petition papers to you or your spouse. The divorce lawyer comes in handy at this stage to serve the divorce papers to you or your spouse. If you and your spouse are comfortable with the divorce process, you or your spouse will put a signature to a concession of the service receipt. But if you or your spouse resolves not to acknowledge and decline to sign the service receipt or at the time of delivery of the service receipt you or your partner is away, then a professional process server is to be employed to aid in delivering the petition papers. After this process is successful, the date of separation is set, and you and your spouse are not allowed to relocate to another state or conduct any sale of property owed until the divorce process is a success.
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The third process needs you or your spouse to provide a response towards the divorce petition assuring if you or your spouse agrees to the petition depending on who is the respondent in the process. The response period allocated is a duration of thirty days, and if the response is not submitted within this time, default is entered, and it becomes a court case. The divorce lawyer helps to sort the problems if the situation ends up in a court hearing.

The final step involves you and your spouse signing divorce papers if the divorce petition ends up uncontested. If you or your spouse refuses to agree to the terms of the divorce; your divorce lawyer will advise you to wait for the response period to end before taking the case to court.

It is always important to employ the services of divorce lawyers who will assist you in your divorce process and ensure that the process goes through successfully.

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