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Web Design Trends for All Businesses

By now we all know that we live in a digitized world; for most businesses this means that marketing efforts will need to be more focused to internet marketing to reach their customers. Most of us have noticed that the internet is the best platform to sell goods and services, apart from that it is also the best platform to build a good reputation with your customers. Brand recognition is key to all businesses and marketers. If you want to do this successfully, you need to have more than just a basic website. The most popular websites with consumers are the ones that are unique yet easy to navigate.

While some companies employ web professionals other companies will need to hire a design firm to build their website. The goal of any web design professional should be to design a simple and effective website either for their employer or their customer. Trends are always changing, so you cannot be afraid to update your website anytime you feel you are falling behind. This article will cover some of the latest trends that you should consider for your company’s website.

The first trend that we will look at is single page websites that offer long scrolling options. Some users might not like this trend, but professionals do and the trend might be here for awhile. The reason this is popular is because it creates user friendly designs that are not only easy to navigate on a computer but also easy to navigate on a smartphone or tablet. This gets rid of a lot of links that can slow down the navigation of a website.
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Another trend that we are seeing in 2016 website designs is the absence or lack of big background images. Professional designers are always trying to create innovative websites that attract consumers. To do this, they are now using smaller pictures and more information or other designer aspects to make the website more revealing and interesting.
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The last digital trend we will discuss is the incorporation of story telling and interaction on your companies website. For this to work properly your designer will need to work closely with the content manager. Content writers should develop articles and other pieces that tell the story of your company. If you convey the wrong message in your marketing efforts, then your customers will not want to visit your site again and will not buy your products or services. But it will take more then just good writing and content for this to be effective, the designers will need to get this information to the customers. You do not have to follow all of these trends but you should be aware of them and consider them to grow your business.

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