A: Continue contributing to your 401(k), no matter what

“Sometimes the decisions we have in front of us in local government are difficult, but, in this instance, I feel strongly that I did what was required,” Leigh said. “This was absolutely the right thing to do. Had I not made this offer, I believe that our region would have lost a very successful and well established program that is highly valued by hundreds of citizens.”.

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping My monthly salary is Rs 42,000. I wish to invest in mutual funds. As there are a number of schemes, please let me know which one to invest in for good returns. A: Continue contributing to your 401(k), no matter what. You may save a few bucks in interest in the short run if you stop contributing to pay down the loan, but you’ll lose out on the much bigger compounded gains your contributions could have made over the coming decades. Generally, letters should be no longer than 250 words Cheap Jerseys free shipping.

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