Aviator sunglasses – Flaunt your Rich Style

Aviator sunglasses are the most favoured type of sunglasses because of its rich style quotient. It is considered as an important fashion accessory by the youth. They love it for the bold look it provides and is used extensively to create a macho appearance. Apart from being an eyewear it has become an attitude rich statement.

Aviator sunglasses were originally developed by the eye care manufacturing company Bausch & Lomb and were branded as Ray-Ban. It was first designed in 1963 for aircraft pilots to protect their eyes from sun rays while flying. Also called “pilot’s glasses”, they were used to cut out sun’s glare and to provide clear vision. Aviator glasses derive their name from being used to protect aviator’s eyes.

The eyewear is characterized by dark reflective lenses with twice or thrice the area of the eyeball. They are attached to thin metal frame with flexible cable temples to hook behind the ears. The lenses are slightly convex and it covers the entire area of human eye preventing the possible amount of light from entering the eye from any possible angle.

Ray-Ban started selling the glasses to the public after a year it has been introduced. It became a well-known style glass with military personnel wearing them during World War II. Aviators became popular in 1960s and its popularity rose tremendously with pop cultural references by icons like Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. Celebrities were also fan of these glasses and it was used in films too. The sales of aviators had a rise of 40% in the 7 months following the release of the film Top Gun in which Tom Cruise is featured wearing them. The sun glasses were also featured prominently in other films making it an iconic eye wear. Even though in 1990s the popularity had slightly faded, it eventually resurfaced in 2000s and has been inspiring the modern generation ever since.

They are available in numerous colours, but the most favourite is the grey shade. Other design shades are charcoal, black, dark brown and blue. Lens features like gradient, mirrored, polarized and UV protection are prominent across different designs. Aviators are heavily preferred by outdoor enthusiasts while biking and driving for their protective feature as well as to flaunt an oozing sense of style. These glasses are heavy on retro and vintage look and hence, people choose them to provide a classy element to their appearance. Aviators can be paired with any type of outfit due to its versatility and it complements most face shapes. From a casual shorts and tees to a formal suiting, an aviator sunglass enhances any attire with elegance. Their unisex appeal allows women also to get a chic look by pairing this with their stylish outfit whether on formal or informal occasions.

Brands such as Ray-Ban, Allen Solly, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Gucci, Van Heusen etc. provides uber stylish aviator sunglasses to choose from. Try teaming up your attire with this fashionable piece and evoke the admiration of the world.Aviator sunglasses were originally developed by the eye care manufacturing company Bausch & Lomb and were branded as Ray Ban Sunglasses.