Learning The Secrets About Jewelry

3 of the Best Jewelry Buying Tips While most of the items we purchase to express our sense of style won’t cost more than the contents of our wallets, a fine piece of jewelry might just empty out your bank account. Buying jewelry is no simple task as the piece you purchase will either prove to be a lifelong investment or a complete waste of money. If you want to be able to choose the best piece of jewelry for you, be sure to read these tips to help you get the best bang for your buck. 1. Brands Aren’t Everything – Of course, who doesn’t want the name of a well-known brand stamped on their jewelry? While these big names might seem like the right choice when buying jewelry, you should know that high quality pieces can come from anywhere – not just these options. What’s more, something as simple as a prestige name could send the price of a piece skyrocketing by at least 80% more. This means you might be paying for nothing more than the name of the store you’re buying from. It would be much wiser to base your decision on the piece instead of the name stamped on it. You will be surprised at just how many high quality pieces you might be able to find elsewhere.
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2. Take Note of the Stone – Those who want something flashier will buy jewelry that’s fitted with a stone. You should keep in mind though that precious stone jewelry is a lot more widespread, so you should allot more time to help you find the right piece for you. Don’t be fooled by their shiny and glittering appearance though as many of these stones aren’t as precious as they’re advertised. Before you buy, you should know that precious stones come in three categories: natural which are formed from and taken from the earth, synthetic which are made in laboratories, and imitation which just look like the real thing but are actually made of a much cheaper material. The first two are legitimate, but as a general rule natural precious stones are more expensive and prove to be a much more worthy investment.
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3. Ask for Assistance – For first time buyers, the world of jewelry can be very flustering. To make sure that you’ve got the right piece locked in your sights, consult a professional jeweler. This person won’t only be able to tell if you’ve got a keeper in terms of authenticity, but will also advise you on whether or not the price is right. While they might claim to have jewelers in the store you’re buying from, it’s always better to consult with someone who isn’t affiliated with the brand you’re hoping to purchase from to eliminate the chance of bias.

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