She thenallegedlytransferredmoney to a Commonwealth Bank

PIC 10A is a five credit course, with three hours of lecture and two hours of discussion every week. Recommended for students with no prior programming experience. Students with credit for PIC 10C will receive only two units of credit for this course.

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fake oakley sunglasses Many more transactions have not been traced.Initially, Ms Lee allegedly used a PayPal account to buy 52 items including a Sony “digital selfie” camera, two Casio cameras, a Dyson vacuum cleaner, Christian Louboutin “Equestria boots”, Chanel cashmere pillows, two smartphones, 13 Hermes scarves and dozens of handbags,including a Hermes Himalayan Crocodile Birkin that retails for about $150,000.She thenallegedlytransferredmoney to a Commonwealth Bank account and used it to go on 20shopping sprees between January and April 2015, spending $1.2 million.At firstshe was conservative,spending $20,050 at the Chanel store, $6885 at Hermes and$1795 at Christian Louboutinin one day. Four days later fake oakleys, she spent $42,695 atBvlgari, Christian Dior and Hermes.Even after her Westpac account had been frozen, she continued to spend money from the Commonwealth account for three days. She dropped $332,310 in three visitsto theChristian Dior store in Sydney, $54,640 at Chanel and $15,553 on online boutique Far Fetch.Most of the items haven’t been recovered, raising the possibility she sold them.On her Facebook account, Ms Lee gave few hints of her newfound wealth, posting occasional photos with a puppy, a motorbike and designer sunglasses.Her boyfriend Vincent King could only provide $1000 surety to bail Ms Lee out fake oakley sunglasses.

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