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Ray Ban’s tagline says everything: “Never hide.” When you wear Ray Ban glasses, people realize you’re sporting Ray-Bans. First created for U.S. Armed forces jet fighter pilots, Ray-Ban features over 70 years of heritage and it has built a solid reputation as the provider of effortless cool. James Dean, Bob Dylan, and even John F. Kennedy… each of them sported the recognisable form of Ray-Ban spectacles.

Ray Ban 4075 sunglasses were developed by the reputed sunglass manufacturer Ray Ban. Ray Ban 4075 for women is a classic product of Vicassa. High grade G-15 lenses are used in the manufacture of these sunglasses and are available in wide range of colors. Ray Ban lenses are such made that they offer protection from harmful ultraviolet rays and usually have lens dimensions of 60mm*52 mm. The aviator series have exquisitely designed sunglasses for both men and women. In that category, Ray ban aviator for women is quite popular among buyers.

The Ray Ban sunglasses are flaunted by the stars of the tinsel town as well who always keep a flair for new designs. Buyers can also choose their favorite Ray Ban sunglass from the online shopping website Vicassa. Here buyers can get Ray Ban sunglasses at special discount rates. Vicassa has become the ultimate shopping destination for B&L Ray Ban Aviator Style Sunglasses. A huge selection of gun metal or gold chrome frames, colorful lenses are some of amazing collections available through the online shopping website.

Using the most innovative technology available today, Ray-ban lenses are manufactured with the guarantee that your sight stay protected against Ultraviolet rays. With regards to the actual structure, Ray-Ban has invested a decade assessment and researching titanium, ensuring the lightweight product is safe and comfortable to use. Nowadays you can find Ray-Ban prescription glasses made of titanium. The material not only provides comfort, but it’s also totally safe for all those suffering from frequent allergic reactions. Ray-Ban’s titanium is hypoallergenic, corrosion-resistant, and also nickel-free. Which means that if you enjoy normal cruises, you won’t need to worry about damaging your own Ray-Ban eyeglasses.

The 4075 brand of Ray Ban sunglasses became popular soon after its debut in 1952. This sunglass used a then brand new plastic material. Sunglasses were made from thin metal and with the use of plastic, a new era was seen in the sunglass market. Ray Ban sunglasses were already known, so this new version was the wave of the future. Many Hollywood celebrities jumped on the Wayfarer band wagon. They were photographed wearing the stylish shades, and soon the Wayfarer was the most popular brand of Ray Ban sunglasses-or any other brand. During the 1980’s there was a resurgence of interest in Wayfarer sunglasses, thanks to several movies and TV shows. There was a decline in sales in the 1990’s, but the Wayfarer brand is once again a popular choice for many.

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Ray-Ban Aviator Family #1
ray ban sunglass
Image by Viktor Hertz
Client: Ray-Ban

Brief: Create artworks that somehow depict iconic people and famous characters that have been wearing Ray-Ban Aviators. The portraits were to be displayed in the Sunglass Hut store in Covent Garden, London, from March to April 2014.

Artworks by Viktor Hertz © 2014

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