For Vintage Flair, Pick a Pair of Dior, Ray-Ban or Emilio Pucci Sunglasses

In the fashion world, two genres just scream the word “flashy”: futuristic, and retro. From another vantage point, retro resembles futuristic in a lot of ways – the early years of the big names in fashion were the years of wonder, of endless possibilities. Designers were bold, daring and unafraid to think outside the box. As a result, many vintage pieces of clothing and accessories turned out to have a “futuristic” look – that is, a look that was way ahead of their time. You could see well enough how designers competed for the most outrageous and timelessly fashionable designs, just by looking at Ray-Ban, Dior and Emilio Pucci sunglasses.

Let’s take a look at the different manufacturers of vintage sunglasses, and how they’ve made a name for themselves through the years. While he rose to the top in the process of building a multimillion dollar fashion empire (made of mostly clothes and accessories for women), Italy-born Emilio Pucci also enjoyed life as an Olympic skier, a member of the Italian Parliament, and a wardrobe designer for Braniff Airlines! Pucci’s designs were known far and wide for their bold use of color – in particular, Emilio Pucci sunglasses sported colors and prints that definitely caught interest – quirky colors like aquamarine, flashy combinations like red and white, and even multicolor camouflage and stripe patterns adorned the frame.

Large, attention-catching lenses were the “in” thing in the 70s and 80s, and the Pucci protective fashion eyewear of those years did not break that trend. The larger, the better! Funky lenses that broke the traditional round or squarish mold were also in demand, and this was exactly what Dior knew when it turned out the Butterfly design. This artistic design is a classic in eyewear, catching the fancy of such fashion icons as Nicole Richie.

However, large lenses do not always equate to fun and quirky designs. One can also have vintage flair while being serious, after all… and that was exactly what Ray-Ban accomplished with their vintage Wayfarer design.

The classic design of Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer sunglasses has been around since 1952 – and it is still around today! The comeback of Wayfarer in the mid-2000s was a celebrated one. In fact Ray-Ban’s own brand director, Marcello Favagrossa, once made the claim that the Wayfarer is the most widely sold sunglass in history. Corporate marketing aside, this design has made quite a name for itself by having a slick, elegant make that would fit in even at a modern black tie affair.

But if you really want to turn heads and catch stares, don’t just go for a genuine Ray-Ban Wayfarer – go for a vintage one. Vintage Dior, Ray-Ban and Emilio Pucci sunglasses would be a great place to start, if you’re set on letting the look of the past add color and life to the look of the present. provides you with information on all kinds of vintage pucci sunglasses. Where to buy them and what to look out for.

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The Ray-Ban RB5184, The Sunglass Fix’s Product of the Week

The Sunglass Fix has an exciting Product of the Week for the beginning of May, 2013. We all want sunglasses that are well-made and stylish, and with the Ray Ban RB5184, that is exactly what you’ll get. These very hip looking sunglasses carry a good deal of the DNA of the timeless and loved Wayfarer in their design, yet clearly look towards the 21st century with the colors. Perhaps this is why Ray-Ban is calling the RB5184 the “New Wayfarer.” Visit the Sunglass Fix Product of the Week page at the following link:

Part of what makes the New Wayfarer so appealing and so interesting is the versatility that Ray-Ban built into the sunglasses. The New Wayfarer is available in a surprising range of different color styles, meaning that you can certainly find a pair that will work for you. Whether it’s the brown and dark tones of the Dark Havana and Havana or the Black or Black/Red Texture, the New Wayfarers carry all the historic looks of the Wayfarer into 2013 with great style and diversity.

Ray-Ban realizes that lenses for glasses are extremely important. For this reason, Ray-Ban is eager to offer polarized lens options. The reason that manufacturers offer polarized lenses for glasses is that they are a consumer favorite due to the enhanced vision that they offer. When it comes to lenses for glasses, polarized options are a hit due to their ability to filter out a range of glare and harsh lighting conditions. The end results are lenses that consumers love.

The fact that the Ray-Ban Wayfarer sports large lenses helps accentuate the effectiveness of polarized lenses. If you want to get the most out of your sunglasses purchase, then you will want to consider combining the effectiveness of the Ray-Ban Wayfarer design with the effectiveness of polarized lenses. When combined together, these two elements are extremely effective.

At The Sunglass Fix, we want you to not just have the best sunglasses, such our Product of the Week the Ray-Ban RB5184, but also get the most out of your sunglasses investment. This is why we ship high-quality and durable lenses and Polarized sunglasses anywhere in the world for free. We can even get you your replacement lenses fast so that you can get your scratched or damaged lenses replaced and get your sunglasses back in action. So opt for The Sunglass Fix, and get the most out of your eyewear investment.

Lenses for glasses matter a great deal, and the fact that the New Wayfarer can accept and work with a whole range.

ray ban sunglass
Image by -syauqee-
backyard series in b&w

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Classic Ray-Ban – The Aviator and Wayfarer Sunglasses

Ray-Ban was founded in 1937 by Bausch & Lomb after lieutenant John MacCready asked them to make a pair of sunglasses that would not only protect his eyes from the damaging effects of the sun but also look good. Today, they are the world’s best selling sunglasses.

Pilots in the United States Air Force began to wear the sunglasses and when General Douglas strode on to a beach in the Philippines in World War II wearing Ray-Ban, the sunglasses became a massive hit back home in the USA. Since then, Ray-Ban Sunglasses have been worn in hundreds of Hollywood films and remains a favorite among celebrities.

With great styling, comfort, quality and a clean cut design, Ray-Ban sunglasses are one of the most popular sunglasses on the globe. High-quality materials are one of the more prominent features of their eye-wear.

Classic Ray-Ban – the Wayfarer and the Avaitor

The two most imitated sunglasses in the globe are Ray-Bans – the Aviator and Wayfarer.

The name of the Aviator sunglasses arose because of the oblique teardrop shape of the lens. Naval aviators found that the oversized sunglasses would help to hide the white skin under their eyes caused by wearing goggles during flying. The bar across the nose also held a cigarette in place.

Aviators sunglasses are designed to cover the entire eye and to stop sunlight reaching the eyes from the side of the glasses.

In 1952, sunglass designer Raymond Stegeman invented the Wayfarer for Baush and Lomb. The first pair of eyewear to use plastic, it was a radical new look.

Like the Avaitors, the Wayfarer was originally marketed to be used by pilots. But as female celebrities such as Kim Novak and Marilyn Munroe began to photographed wearing the new eyewear, the glasses quickly became popular among women. Audrey Hepburn wore a pair in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, furthering the sunglasses popularity.

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DesignerOutletParndorf_Rayban_blaue Sonnenbrille
ray ban sunglass
Image by McArthurGlen Designer Outlets
Stylischer Sonnenschutz mit Blumenmuster: Blaue Sonnenbrille von Ray Ban aus dem Store von Sunglass Time. Jetzt im dem Designer Outlet Parndorf.

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Ray-Ban Sunglasses – Style Your Eyes

Earlier, sunglasses were made with the sole purpose of protecting your eyes from the sun, quite literal to its name. However, the concept has undergone a major transformation since then. In the 21st century, sunglasses are multi-purpose accessories which can be used for protection as well as style. With a smart pair of sunglasses, you can look ultra-chic and become quite a cynosure of the surrounding eyes. Moreover, if you get your outfit right, it is an icing on the cake.

Ray-Ban takes care of your eye styles with its range of myriad sunglasses to suit your every mood and look. Ray-Ban is a brand of eyewear established in 1937 by an American company, Bausch & Lomb. The most prominent types of sunglasses which the brand offers are wayfarer and aviator styles. Ray-Ban aviators date back to as early as 1920s with the need for improved technology in airplanes with an urge to fly higher and higher. On a common complaint by the pilots of US Army Air Service that the sun’s rays were affecting their health, it was declared that new aviation glasses would be specially created for them. With constant efforts, a new prototype with metallic frames was born, thus leading to the invention of aviator sunglasses. In 1936, a special type of sunglass known as ‘anti-glare’, made of plastic frames and green lenses, was used by the pilots that could reduce the glare without affecting vision. With the passing of time, more and more new and innovative lenses came into the picture. In 1939, Ray-Ban launched a new version of the aviator called the Outdoorsman. It was designed for people who indulged in specific activities such as hunting, shooting and fishing. The sunglass featured a top bar called a ‘sweat bar’ that was designed to catch sweat from falling into the eyes. Later, gradient lenses were introduced which were tinted on the backside using high vacuum processes. This plastic lens permits thin layers of oxides to stick to the lenses in order to achieve smooth colour transitions from dark to light. The year, 1952 witnessed the launch of wayfarer sunglasses by Ray-Ban which were made of plastic frames. These look stylish and pep up your casual outfit. You can wear them to a beach and style them up with a cool beach wear. Now, you can get a range of sunglasses such as clubmaster, justin and erika to match your style. These sunglasses differ in their shapes and type of lens. Lenses can be in the form of polarised, photochromatic, ambermatic, flash, folding and so on. Polarised lenses block the reflecting light, thus gaining immense prominence in the recent years. Photochromatic glasses are convenient as they solve the hassle of changing from a normal glass to a sunglass when you step out. They are clear while you are indoor and automatically darken when exposed to sunlight. These lenses give you complete protection from harmful UV rays. Still continuing its legacy, Ray-Ban has introduced a range of strong, flexible and light sunglasses which are resilient to extreme conditions. Ray-Ban also offers sunglasses for kids to style them up.

Sunglasses are delicate accessories which need protection too. Keep them safe in their case and clean them with a flannel cloth before use. Do not wash directly with water. Add a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses to your closet and give yourself a ‘look to die for’.

Rupa Aggarwal is the best writer here i am explain about Ray Ban Sunglassestakes care of your eye styles with its range of myriad sunglasses to suit your every mood and look.Aviator sunglasses. In 1936, a special type of sunglass known as ‘anti-glare’.

Ray-Ban Aviator Family
ray ban sunglass
Image by Viktor Hertz
Ray-Ban Aviator Family artworks, displayed at the Sunglass Hut store in Covent Garden, London.

Photos by Ray-Ban © 2014

Six Easy Steps to Replace Lenses on Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Lenses breaks sooner or later by the people, even by the most careful wearer of sunglasses. It is easy to damage or damage lenses dragging them in or out of the handbag. There is no need to buy new glasses, when you can replace the lenses. But, replace of lenses, particularly Ray Ban sunglasses are comparatively easy and the cost of replacement is very less in compare to replace the frame or buy a new pair. Ray Ban is high-end manufacturer of spectacles, and you need to purchase replacement lenses from a reputed Ray Ban sunglass company, store or Ray Ban sunglasses.

Step 1: People who want to replace their ray ban lenses must surf or explore several worldwide webs, which are fitted to the particular model that you have. We all know “Old Is Gold “so that the older the model of ray ban, the more costly the lenses will be. But, if could not find anything right over the net, and then you can check at stores, specifically ray ban stores. Besides, you can check the authenticity and warranty guarantee as well.

Step 2: After, buying the replacement lenses, now you need a table then put the sunglasses in a manner that the lenses are facing forward or towards you. But, make sure that the lenses do not drop from the table.

Step 3: Now, pop the old lenses out from the frame, but there is no need to need to exert herculean force during the process because it can damage your Ray Ban sunglasses. Use both the hands to hold the frame, and provide a secure hold up as you gradually, but tightly use force to drive the lenses of the glasses. Remember, it will take some driving motions to get the old lenses popping off.

Step 4: Now, you have changed the position of the sunglasses by turning towards in the same way you wear sunglasses. It is the starting point to put the replacement lenses in.

Step 5: If you have changed the position of the sunglasses, then place the new replacement lenses in (one at a time) cautiously. You just take one new lens and then place it carefully on the hollow and hold the frame by using one hand and the push the lens in place by other hand. Repeat the same process to put another lens in.

Step 6: After putting lenses in, you need to protect the border or the sunglasses border around the lenses. You can check whether the lenses are fitted rightly or not just by pressing down the sides of the frame.

People who have normal quality eyeglasses can send them for replacing with top quality lenses or brand new to an online sunglass repair company because replacement services for lenses of these such companies are low cost.

Prav Kumar is associate with 99lens and writes for eye lenses as well as he provide the best tips on different eyewear brands. In this article he mention about ray ban mens sunglasses and how to replace ray ban sunglasses, lense. For more information please visit:

Ray-Ban Aviator Family #2
ray ban sunglass
Image by Viktor Hertz
Client: Ray-Ban

Brief: Create artworks that somehow depict iconic people and famous characters that have been wearing Ray-Ban Aviators. The portraits were to be displayed in the Sunglass Hut store in Covent Garden, London, from March to April 2014.

Artworks by Viktor Hertz © 2014