How you can Spot Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses – 5 Easy steps

Nothing provides more satisfaction than investing in a branded accessory at reduced prices. And if the accessory you’re buying are the renowned Ray Ban sunglasses, then you’ve got even more reason to feel fired up. Why? Because you’re likely to own a glamorous set of shades which will ensure everlasting protection for the eyes. How? This is a result of the brand’s commitment in undertaking research to build up cutting-edge optical technologies within their glasses. As a outcome, Ray Ban sunglasses are today considered among the best when it comes in order to vision care.

But readers beware, you’re in for any scare… are you sure those Ray Bans that you have just bought authentic? A great bargain price does certainly not mean that the sunglasses would be the original branded stuff. Genuine Ray Bans cost something from $ 120 to $ 300 and when anyone is offering a person at significantly cheaper prices then your authenticity is highly doubtful. To avoid being tricked by swindlers who spread fake Ray Ban shades because originals, here are 5 simple steps that you ought to follow:

Step #1
What “Made in U. Utes. A” should be embossed inside arms of the shades. Depending on the type of frames, the words could be engraved or painted. Keep in mind, original Ray Ban sunglasses are stated in USA, never in The far east or Taiwan.

Navigate to the official Ray Ban website as well as compare the colors of the Ray Ban frames to those shown on the organization site. Original Ray Bans come within neutral metal tones and may be easily recognized while the frame colors of knockoffs will be a shade lighter than the actual authentic ones.

Step #3
Begin to see the Ray Ban logo on the nose bit of the frames? Take the pencil eraser and stroke it slowly over this. If they are phony the logo will progressively wear off else it’s going to stay put.

Step #4
The next thing is to check and feel the caliber of the sunglass frames. True Ray Bans are manufactured from high quality durable alloys and plastics, therefore they’re a tad heavier than fake versions that are crafted from cheap materials and metals. So be sure you don’t buy light pounds models.

Step #5
Last although not the least, look in the “RB” symbol at the bottom of the sunglasses structures. Now even if the actual paint is slightly put on off, authentic Ray Ban shades may have a raised lettering from the symbol. If you can scratch them off they are fakes for which indicates the screen publishing technique used.

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Six Easy Steps to Replace Lenses on Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Lenses breaks sooner or later by the people, even by the most careful wearer of sunglasses. It is easy to damage or damage lenses dragging them in or out of the handbag. There is no need to buy new glasses, when you can replace the lenses. But, replace of lenses, particularly Ray Ban sunglasses are comparatively easy and the cost of replacement is very less in compare to replace the frame or buy a new pair. Ray Ban is high-end manufacturer of spectacles, and you need to purchase replacement lenses from a reputed Ray Ban sunglass company, store or Ray Ban sunglasses.

Step 1: People who want to replace their ray ban lenses must surf or explore several worldwide webs, which are fitted to the particular model that you have. We all know “Old Is Gold “so that the older the model of ray ban, the more costly the lenses will be. But, if could not find anything right over the net, and then you can check at stores, specifically ray ban stores. Besides, you can check the authenticity and warranty guarantee as well.

Step 2: After, buying the replacement lenses, now you need a table then put the sunglasses in a manner that the lenses are facing forward or towards you. But, make sure that the lenses do not drop from the table.

Step 3: Now, pop the old lenses out from the frame, but there is no need to need to exert herculean force during the process because it can damage your Ray Ban sunglasses. Use both the hands to hold the frame, and provide a secure hold up as you gradually, but tightly use force to drive the lenses of the glasses. Remember, it will take some driving motions to get the old lenses popping off.

Step 4: Now, you have changed the position of the sunglasses by turning towards in the same way you wear sunglasses. It is the starting point to put the replacement lenses in.

Step 5: If you have changed the position of the sunglasses, then place the new replacement lenses in (one at a time) cautiously. You just take one new lens and then place it carefully on the hollow and hold the frame by using one hand and the push the lens in place by other hand. Repeat the same process to put another lens in.

Step 6: After putting lenses in, you need to protect the border or the sunglasses border around the lenses. You can check whether the lenses are fitted rightly or not just by pressing down the sides of the frame.

People who have normal quality eyeglasses can send them for replacing with top quality lenses or brand new to an online sunglass repair company because replacement services for lenses of these such companies are low cost.

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Ray-Ban Aviator Family #2
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Brief: Create artworks that somehow depict iconic people and famous characters that have been wearing Ray-Ban Aviators. The portraits were to be displayed in the Sunglass Hut store in Covent Garden, London, from March to April 2014.

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