Ray ban Flore Sunglasses In Black As well as Violet

If you are looking for 2 pair of couple sunglasses, then you need to really not miss the ray prohibit Flore Sunglasses in black and violet. The black the first is for your boyfriend, and the violet one on your own. You can buy the two as well as 460 sterling pounds.

Owning its inspiration towards the floral world, these sunglasses are innovative and revolutionary within their stunning shape of temples. The iconic and distinctive Monogram flowers are inserted about the temple and tips. As I view it, the artfully embellished flowers are really charming. These designer sunglasses feature 100% UV safety. Just as most LV sunglasses proceed, this pair of sunglass is a different type of advertising for the brand. It has “LV” Initials logo etched on both temples and “LV” Initials logo engraved about the right lens. Wearing these stylish shades together, your close relationship will find out without words. How do you enjoy it.

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Packaging @ 0:40, Case and pamphlets @ 2:40, Glasses @ 5:20

Some of the comments have been very insightful. I’d like to state that the purpose of this video was to point out every single difference I spotted between a 72 dollar pair of 2140s and a 92 dollar pair. I know it’s a very long video, but I hadn’t seen any other videos do this. I don’t know whether these differences matter, but they do exist. Whether you think mine or yours are legitimate or not is your decision, I’m just trying to provide some reference.

Some things I will address:
-People have said that the “fake” ones could have been made in China to be sold cheaper. Very possible, I know many clothing brands do this with their outlet store clothes. Both glasses do state that they are hand made in Italy, but for all I know, maybe none of them actually are. I personally think that the quality was too bad to be passable even as “cheap” ones. This is a good point though.

-Some have said that one pair is medium and one is large. This is not true. Size is denoted on the left arm. They are both 50x22mm. Large has 54mm lenses.

-And again, the cheaper pair had no icons booklet, the pamphlet looks awful, and the seller deleted his account as soon as I called him out and didn’t want his glasses back. Really made me question authenticity, but again, no one can know for sure. I’ve tried a pair from a retail store, one from amazon, and my 92 dollar ebay ones, and they are all exactly the same. Only the cheaper ones seen here were different in any way, so this is the information I’m using for my personal opinion, but you are free to make your own guesses, of course.
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Ray Ban Sunglasses Combine Top end Fashion With Durability as well as Function

Sun glasses are designed mainly to avoid bright sunlight or higher energy visible light from entering the attention & causing harm towards the delicate parts of the attention. These components of the attention are very easily damaged from excess contact with these dangerous rays.

Through the years sunglasses have evolved into stylish objects and also the foremost function of attention protection has, in a few circumstances, taken a back again seat. Ray Ban sun eyeglasses, have been developed to mix fashion with function as well as these quality sunglass producers and designers, have successfully manufactured attractive fashion shades while still delivering safety from harmful ultraviolet sun rays.

There are numerous designers of eyewear on the market and the selection of designs grows every year as each fashion period passes. Ray Ban sun glasses are among the best sunglass fashion designers in the world today. The Ray Ban name is really a high end fashion brand popular for their manufacturing associated with baguette handbags. The brand was launched by Eldorado & Adele Ray Ban within 1925. The fashion house was a fur and leather-based store in Via delete Plebiscito, Rome, but this formerly small company has grown significantly right into a multinational luxury items brand that is owned right now by LVMH.


Ray Ban have a multitude of eyeglasses that come in a variety of designs and have a large wide selection of prices to match. The frames of Ray Ban custom eye wear come in different size and shapes, ranging from the larger more feminine & elegant frames towards the men’s frames, which are usually smaller than the women’s eyeglasses. These frames are designed in a multitude of different materials ranging through metal to acrylic & metal/acrylic amalgamated frames & in a variety of colors and colour combinations to match your complexion perfectly.

Ray Ban lenses are manufactured in numerous different colors which range from shades of reds and greys to greens & browns. These different coloured lenses not just provide a substantial number of different looks intended specifically to complement the frame colors & consequently the complexion of the actual wearer, but are also created to extremely high standards to minimise as well as eliminate colour distortion. The various distinctive styles of the Ray Ban brand make sure they are a favourite but the lenses aren’t just about the design and also the looks. Ray Ban, like numerous other top rated brands on the market, use several materials for that lenses, each of with a particular function. Some which are specially intended to restrict glare brought on by light reflected from surfaces for example water.

All Ray Ban sunglasses are tested to keep a high quality level control. Rigorous testing is completed on the flexibility from the frames and the resilience from the hinges & their link points. They’re fundamentally tested to ensure durability during every day time use ensuring your Ray Ban eye glasses will probably be around for many a long time whilst still delivering the fashionable look demanded of the actual Ray Ban brand.

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The Author of this article is an expert on the latest trends pertaining to sunglasses. He has written many informative articles on various sunglasses brands & products such as Fake Ray Bans, Replica Ray Bans and Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses.

Ray-Ban Aviator Family
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Ray-Ban Aviator Family artworks, displayed at the Sunglass Hut store in Covent Garden, London.

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