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Exploring the Wild and Loud African Fashion Many great African designers create sophisticated and elegant pieces of African clothing design which was embraced by the western fashion.Most are the garments they create are inspired by the culture, spirit or nature which makes their design unique and stand out from the rest.Every garment showcase a part of the African spirit, which is incredible and original due to the many distinctive aspects of the African fashion design. By combining several styles and patterns that surprise through their detailed craftsmanship, most African fashion designers manage to translate age-old colorful traditions into multiple layers of complexity.Nigerian diva Deoal Sagoe, Folake Coker and Ozwald Boateng are some of the famous African fashion designers who made African glamour and prints which are extremely popular among Hollywood celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Will Smith. Many African fashion designers have chosen to channel their curiosity for cultural diversity into their love for fashion due to the fact that African clothing design was highly impacted by western fashion.African fashion designers that create the colorful creations makes the fashion industry rich and authentic locally produced and without the help of western designers. African garments are versatile and feminine unlike most of the design which comes from popular fashion designers in the west. Solome Katongole, a popular African fashion designer launched her “Strip Me Again” collection with chic comfort and color as her main theme. The opportunity for people to define their own styles, as she translates color, dance and sense of feel into her designs is what she offers. Creativity comes with combining to ore more great ideas and that is what Katongole believes, by allowing her followers to merge western with traditional African clothing, which results into products that are special and sophisticated. However, traditionalism does not alone define African clothing design. Creating new designs by combining optical prints and traditional fabrics with a touch of different patterns which produce elegant attire for women is the brainchild of African designer Lanre Da Silva Ajayi.Her fabulous collection “Color Storm” made a fuss in the fashion industry while fashion critics are fascinated at the same time.
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African fashion design leaves much to be desired as most would say, but it is far from the truth. African fashion is very popular, which brings a different note into today’s fashion industry even if it approaches mostly on traditionalism and leaves modernism in the backseat. Only a small part of the world population wears silk or velvet which makes them so popular and extremely unique which are more refined than fabrics like cotton that are widely spread all over the world. African fashion considers vibrant and edgy collections that are versatile the true definition of African fashion. Choice of color among African designers is an important aspect in creating their design. Colors like yellow hue bold burgundies and hints of brown are more preferred than soft colors like pale pink or pastels. You can tell an African fashion from the uniqueness and the culture of Africa which makes it so easily recognizable and special.African fashion is rapidly evolving and making its way to the top places in the world.How to Achieve Maximum Success with Clothing

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