The Ray-Ban RB5184, The Sunglass Fix’s Product of the Week

The Sunglass Fix has an exciting Product of the Week for the beginning of May, 2013. We all want sunglasses that are well-made and stylish, and with the Ray Ban RB5184, that is exactly what you’ll get. These very hip looking sunglasses carry a good deal of the DNA of the timeless and loved Wayfarer in their design, yet clearly look towards the 21st century with the colors. Perhaps this is why Ray-Ban is calling the RB5184 the “New Wayfarer.” Visit the Sunglass Fix Product of the Week page at the following link:

Part of what makes the New Wayfarer so appealing and so interesting is the versatility that Ray-Ban built into the sunglasses. The New Wayfarer is available in a surprising range of different color styles, meaning that you can certainly find a pair that will work for you. Whether it’s the brown and dark tones of the Dark Havana and Havana or the Black or Black/Red Texture, the New Wayfarers carry all the historic looks of the Wayfarer into 2013 with great style and diversity.

Ray-Ban realizes that lenses for glasses are extremely important. For this reason, Ray-Ban is eager to offer polarized lens options. The reason that manufacturers offer polarized lenses for glasses is that they are a consumer favorite due to the enhanced vision that they offer. When it comes to lenses for glasses, polarized options are a hit due to their ability to filter out a range of glare and harsh lighting conditions. The end results are lenses that consumers love.

The fact that the Ray-Ban Wayfarer sports large lenses helps accentuate the effectiveness of polarized lenses. If you want to get the most out of your sunglasses purchase, then you will want to consider combining the effectiveness of the Ray-Ban Wayfarer design with the effectiveness of polarized lenses. When combined together, these two elements are extremely effective.

At The Sunglass Fix, we want you to not just have the best sunglasses, such our Product of the Week the Ray-Ban RB5184, but also get the most out of your sunglasses investment. This is why we ship high-quality and durable lenses and Polarized sunglasses anywhere in the world for free. We can even get you your replacement lenses fast so that you can get your scratched or damaged lenses replaced and get your sunglasses back in action. So opt for The Sunglass Fix, and get the most out of your eyewear investment.

Lenses for glasses matter a great deal, and the fact that the New Wayfarer can accept and work with a whole range.

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