TheMSP market, if it continues to trend in the same direction

I would love more security options at every bank, but as a teller, I know this isn’t practical. Not because the banks wouldn’t want to, but because the customers wouldn’t. I have people upset with me when I ask for their ID (“I’ve bank here for over 40 years.

cheap oakley sunglasses The flood of opinions and materialwritten about managed services has been no less than staggering, andmuch of it extremely pessimistic about the longevity of the managedservices model. Yet, here we are in almost mid 2004 and the managedservices/IT outsourcing industry has arguably never been better. TheMSP market, if it continues to trend in the same direction it has beengoing, should offer MSPs (and end users) a great deal of security andpiece of mind. cheap oakley sunglasses

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