Websites and Web Design: Do They Matter?

There are literally millions of websites on the internet today, which is a feat in itself considering how young the internet is. Some of these websites have been professionally designed by individuals or companies outside of the website owner while others have been personally designed and altered. This is true for both large websites that sell products and smaller ones that sell a personal service, such as consulting. But are websites really that important? Should you have one if you’re not selling products online? What about web design? Is it worth it to pay another individual to design your website for you?

Because there is no straight forward yes or no answer to this question, it’s important to first look at what you’re seeking to do with a website, or your storefront as well as an estimate of about how much of an income your website could possibly bring in. In addition, let’s take a good look at what both websites and web design really are.

What are websites?

You probably already know the answer to this question as you’re on a website right now reading this, but for extra clarification, websites are pages on the internet that are designed to represent an idea, a project, a product or a company in a readable, easy to reach form. Websites are also great ways for storefronts to widen their business to offer products or services to a larger amount of people who may not be within driving distance of the store itself.

You’ll also find that websites are used frequently for individuals looking to market themselves as a personal, one man business. This is often times the case for consultants of various kinds, logo designers, web designers, speakers and photographers. If it weren’t for websites, these types of individuals would have a much harder time marketing themselves to potential clients. To take things to an even further level, professionals even start to see how to create a blog so that they can increase their online exposure.

What is web design?

In order for a website to work properly, or to even have a home page, a design must be set into place. These designs can either vary from page to page within the website, or they can have the same template throughout. Smaller websites tend to use templates such as those created and managed by WordPress while other websites opt for custom made designs. If you’re thinking about going the custom route, you’ll want to look into hiring a web designer or a web design company to handle the back of the house work for you.

Is hiring a web designer worth it?

If you’re looking to have your website stand out against all the others, hiring a web designer may be the way to go. This is especially true if you don’t have any web design experience yourself. When putting together a website, you’ll already spend ample time just putting together your articles and posts, not to mention all the time that will be needed to design a layout for the different sections of the each page, along with anything else you’d like to add in. Because of this, many people have found that hiring outside help ends up saving themselves hundreds of hours of research and work, making the cost involved very much worth it. Once you have hired a web designer, you’ll then be able to spend more time focusing on what posts you want up on the website as well as what type of product (if any) you want displayed. You’ll still have to spend time perfecting each page with your designer, but in the end, the amount of time used is very small in comparison.

Websites and the internet have become one of the most important parts of today’s technologically based world. Without the internet, most companies would not have been able to progress to the state that they’re in now, as well as private individuals. Web design and the designers behind popular websites have played a major role in the internet’s success.

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